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  • Financing and Fund Raising

    C-Suite Support is able to provide financing alternatives to a wide variety of industries and business credit profiles. Our clients include manufacturers, distributors and service companies with a wide geographic coverage.

    C-Suite CFOs are skilled at guiding small businesses through the maze of financing options for business loans, revenue based financing, equipment financing or factoring.  Our CFOs ensure the best sources of funding and manage the lending relationships.

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    Strategic Planning

    If you've been thinking of preparing a strategic business plan to help you secure financing but don't know where to start, we're here to help! Tell us your ideas and goals, and we'll help you put them on paper. Use our strategic business planning services to help your company find its direction, align your leadership, and turn your business around! Trust our accounting experts to provide you with top-notch financial services to help you achieve your business' financial goals!

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    Cash flow management

    When your cash in exceeds your cash out, you know that everything is going great. What if you don't have your cash flow under control? Come to us, and we'll clear up your cash flow confusion! Many small business owners have had to borrow and beg just to find the cash they need to pay their employees, and this cycle can destroy businesses. Avoid disaster and come to C-Suite Support! We'll identify where your cash needs are, the best sources to pull your cash from, and help you build a successful relationship with banks and credit unions should an emergency arise.

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    Systems and Risk Management

    Businesses face a plethora of risks: credit, liquidity, strategic, operational, compliance, reputational and other risks that are more difficult to categorize.  CFOs inherently identify these risks and seek to manage, mitigate and insure these risks to an acceptable level.

    The benefits of a great system and proper internal controls is invaluable to your company and CFOs are well versed in the latest systems and technology, as well as positioning the right people and procedures for making your business more efficient.

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    Key Performance Indicators

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are different for every business. As your CFO, we work with your operations and management teams to identify which KPIs are most applicable to your company. We also support the analysis of those KPIs on a regular basis and suggest actions that support your goals.

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    Tax Planning & Legal Issues

    There are limitless tax and legal challenges and CFOs know the benefits of ensuring your business is optimized for tax strategy and compliance and using the best legal advisors.

    C-Suite Support CFOs maintain communication with your tax preparers to minimize your company’s potential tax liability and maximize potential tax savings.

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