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Restructuring Leadership

Restructuring Leadership Transformational Change.

C-Suite Support includes a team of C-suite business executives with restructuring expertise. Each has significant experience helping CEOs, boards, and investors solve difficult business challenges via people, processes, and technology. Our unique perspective results in better outcomes, lower risk, and shorter time to value.


Our fractional and outsourced CROs have advised clients through complex corporate restructurings, including both in-and-out-of-bankruptcy proceedings.

Many of our clients have complex capital structures, cross-collateralization issues, owner/shareholder fiduciary/conflict of interest concerns and other issues. Our team can assist with or own this process for companies.

Our services include the following:

  1. Prepare unbiased, quantitative and qualitative assessments of the operational and financial state of affairs.
  2. Represent, facilitate and manage negotiations and communications with lenders, creditors and opposing counsels.
  3. Serve as Financial Advisor to the Debtor, Secured Lenders or Creditors and Equity Committees.
  4. Serve as the Chief Restructuring or Chief Financial Officer.
  5. Solicit Debtor in Possession and/or “exit” financing.
  6. Develop financial models and perform detailed analysis of the value of the underlying collateral.
  7. Develop “fully loaded” financial projections, operating plans and “best interest” tests in order to confirm a Plan of Reorganization.
  8. Solicit support for the Plan of Reorganization through quantitative articulation with lenders, creditors and other parties-in-interest.
  9. Evaluate and manage the diligence and sale of assets under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code.
  10. Manage the valuation/appraisal process for secured creditor claims and valuation hearings.
  11. Prepare the requisite information needed for the filing of the bankruptcy petition, first day motions and cash collateral motions.
  12. Prepare all schedules include the Statement of Financial Affairs.
  13. Prepare monthly operating reports (MORs) to be submitted to the Office of the U.S. Trustee.
  14. Develop methodologies and negotiate adequate protection payments.
  15. Reconcile creditor Proof of Claims.
  16. Serve as the Liquidating Trustee, Plan Agent or Disbursement Agent.
  17. Provide Expert Witness testimony on Plan Confirmation or Cash Collateral hearings.
  18. Work with owners, officers, directors and counsel to navigate a company through the bankruptcy process to maximize the outcome in as efficient way as possible.
  19. Work with client CPA firms to identify and manage the tax attributes of a sale, restructure or confirmed plan of reorganization.

C-Suite Support also represents Secured Creditors and Creditor Committees. 

We have assisted in evaluation of Plans of Reorganization and have prepared competing Plans in order to maximize the return to our clients.  Our services typically include the following:

  1. Evaluate the Debtor’s business operations, key metrics and business viability
  2. Assess the feasibility of the Debtor’s proposed Plan of Reorganization vis-a-vi a Section 363 asset sale or liquidation
  3. Investigate preference actions and analyze insider compensation, prepetition asset transfers/sales, and other actions of directors and officers
  4. Provide analysis of claim treatment in confirmed plans and post effective date monitoring and evaluations

C-Suite Support also represents Investors who wish to purchase assets, companies, and claims from a distressed company or bankruptcy proceeding.  

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    Day-to-Day Leadership

    Provide independent and objective day-to-day leadership and guidance

  • Brainstorming over paper
    “Stop the Bleeding”

    Prepare and implement “Stop the Bleeding” analysis

  • Outsourced COO
    Evaluating Options

    Evaluating financial and strategic options and delivering a comprehensive turnaround plan that identifies profit and cash improvement

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    Restructuring Arrangements

    Directing forbearance and restructuring arrangements with senior lenders; trade creditors and other creditor groups

  • 927c1e60-25d7-11e7-8568-0242ac110002-pexels-photo-316879.jpeg

    Locating outside sources of financing and capital as needed

  • business evaluation.jpg
    Sales and Equity

    Assisting in sales and equity transactions

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