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C-Suite Human Resources Leadership
Need Compliance with Labor Laws, Employee Handbooks and policies, Job Descriptions, Compensation Plans, but don't have the budget...
C-Suite CHRO
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We help our clients realize their most important goals. With years of experience and unmatched credentials, C-Suite Support Financing Leadership is uniquely equipped to make a significant and lasting impact on clients’ lives.

We know our clients’ needs are always changing, so we continually seek new and improved ways to serve them.

  • Career Transition
  • Outsourced providers in Benefits, Coaching, Assessments, Leadership Development, Health & Safety
  • Strategic management of the HR and talent/recruitment functions
  • Handling employee relations, benefits and labor compliance
  • Hiring, training, and mentoring human resources staff

As an enterprise executive, you know that human resource problems can have a negative impact that cab be all out of proportion to the underlying issues. You must tread lightly to keep your company.

  • Complaince with Labor Laws
    • You have an employee legal situation, an EEOC complaint, or a sexual harassment charge,
    • Compliance with state and local laws.
  • Need to create an Employee Handbook.
    • Create and install Policies and Procedures,
    • Job Descriptions,
    • Implementation of a new sales compensation plan.

If all you wish to do is address the first issue, we are very good at that. However, even better, we can help with the second issue as well, that of finding solutions is out specialty.

  • Talent Alignment

    The lifeblood of any business is its people. Having the right talent in the right positions is essential to the traction of your business. We will train and develop your current and future leadership helping you establish the right culture to attract and retain the most effective workforce and its leadership.

  • Recruitment

    Using the best assessment tools we will help you establish cost effective methodologies to uncover the talent you need for smart growth; whether that is internal recruitment (succession planning) or market recruitment (new hires). Our processes will cut down the time it will take to decide on the right applicant, giving the best on-boarding experience, giving you more time to work on the business. Your reputation on the street is vital in your continued struggle to attract the best. How you handle each applicant matters.

  • Policy and Procedures

    At C-Suite, we understand that there is a fine line between having policies that protect you and your business, and those that strangle the creativity you started with. Once we meet, listen and ultimately understand what you need we can advise or create the right balance in your policies and procedures to help you get there.

  • Strategy Calibration

    Much has been said about the next generation of leadership and how they are changing the workplace. Our team of HR experts will help you establish a strategy, which aligns with the market and where you see yourself in the coming years. Continuing education is essential to maintaining the smart choices your leadership has to make today and tomorrow.

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