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With C-Suite Support, you get a designated HR Professional working directly with your leaders having access to the wealth of knowledge and experience available with the top of class C-Suite team. Our Fractional HR packages offer cost-effective methods that provide broad and deep HR expertise for your specific needs both now and in the future.

Who do we help?

✔Tactical Support – When there is no money in the budget for a full time HR professional, C-Suite offers tactical support that can help with recruitment and employee relations matters; handbook revision; policy writing; union avoidance training; engagement tools; team balancing; succession planning; Comp and benefits, etc., ensuring you have a built-to-last foundation. Whether your needs are for generalist or specialized support, we have you covered without locking you into long-term contracts. You can hire one of our specialists to help with anything from a single short-term issue to longer term processes.

✔Strategic Foresight – Proactive people planning will ensure the business is capable of achieving the dreams of its leadership. At C-Suite, we have the expertise to help you establish your people needs for the present and into the future aligning your talent with the direction you have set for yourselves. If your future includes mergers and acquisitions, we have that covered too.

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Talent Alignment

The lifeblood of any business is its people. Having the right talent in the right positions is essential to the traction of your business. We will train and develop your current and future leadership helping you establish the right culture to attract and retain the most effective workforce and its leadership.


Using the best assessment tools we will help you establish cost effective methodologies to uncover the talent you need for smart growth; whether that is internal recruitment (succession planning) or market recruitment (new hires). Our processes will cut down the time it will take to decide on the right applicant, giving the best on-boarding experience, giving you more time to work on the business. Your reputation on the street is vital in your continued struggle to attract the best. How you handle each applicant matters.

Policy and Procedures

At C-Suite, we understand that there is a fine line between having policies that protect you and your business, and those that strangle the creativity you started with. Once we meet, listen and ultimately understand what you need we will can advise or create the right balance in your policies and procedures to help you get there.

Strategy Calibration

Much has been said about the next generation of leadership and how they are changing the workplace. Our team of HR experts will help you establish a strategy, which aligns with the market and where you see yourself in the coming years. Continuing education is essential to maintaining the smart choices your leadership has to make today and tomorrow.

Ivonne Castro

Ivonne Castro


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