C-Suite Technology Leadership

Technology leadership – reinvented. C-Suite Support includes a team of C-suite business executives with technology expertise. Each has significant experience helping CEOs, boards, and investors solve difficult business challenges via people, processes, and technology. Our unique perspective results in better outcomes, lower risk, and shorter time to value.


Who do we help?

✔CEOs – ►Does IT seem to be more of a necessary evil than a strategic weapon?◄
Our executives work with you to develop a technology strategy completely integrated with your business strategy. We transform IT into a proactive, business-focused organization impassioned to bring competitive advantage in our world of accelerating change.

✔CFOs – ►Are you receiving less value than expected from your technology spend?◄
We put technology spending on the right track while maximizing value, mitigating risks and improving corporate agility.

✔COOs – ►Does the world seem to be changing much faster than your company can move?◄
Legacy systems/processes often inhibit a quicker pace. We can identify and break through these roadblocks putting you on the path to a brighter future.

✔CMOs – ►Are your customers’ expectations becoming increasingly more difficult to meet?◄
Technology can enhance understanding of your customer, improve customer experience, and increase profit/revenue. We clarify your needs and drive the solution that works best for you.

✔CIOs – ►Are there gaps in your Technology Leadership team?◄
We can provide Divisional CIO leadership, round out your team with CTO/CISO executives, or serve as your CIO force-multiplier for key initiatives.

Want to make a difference in your company/industry? Please give us a call.



Review current technology (infrastructure, applications, services), contracts, budgets, policies/procedures, outsourced vs. insourced IT needs, etc.  Identify risks & issues along with recommendations for remediation.


Collaboratively work with you to develop a vision for the use of technology that is in complete alignment with your business strategy.  Using this, we establish a high-level roadmap and agreed priorities.


Spur IT to differentiate the company from its competition while reducing costs and helping increase revenue.  Recalibrate them to deliver a level of satisfaction that absolutely delights those they serve.


Develop practical approach to cybersecurity:  1) Establish security as a process, not an event; 2) Size to deter, not absolutely prevent; 3) Focus on areas of highest risk & vulnerability
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