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C-Suite executives for interim, fractional help and to lead projects.
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Our team members have successfully led multiple companies as a C-Suite Executive. Our Fractional On-Demand model is typically 50%-75% less cost and more time-effective than having a full-time, in-house function.

Your company future may be uncertain due to:

  • You need money to operate your company more efficiently,
  • Your CFO recently resigned,
  • Your Controller or your bookkeeper can no longer fill the controller role efficiently,
  • Your sales are not where they need to be,
  • Your operating systems do not work together very well,
  • Your internal IT doesn't work... ...or exist,
  • You need compensation plans,
  • You've grown to the point where you need a true HR director, etc.

We help you define what you need accomplished and in what period of time. We then find the right talent for your company and your need(s) from our extensive network. When you don't need or choose not to hire a full time Executive, you can have the same quality of support with a Part Time or Fractional Executive – An executive role that is less than 5 days per week and meets your budget.  

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