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What We Do

What We Do

Goal Development

We start with reviewing and understanding your business. Businesses face a plethora of risks: credit, liquidity, strategic, operational, compliance, reputational and other risks that are more difficult to categorize. CFOs inherently identify these risks and seek to manage, mitigate and insure these risks to an acceptable level.

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Information and Process Validation

We then roll up our sleeves and do a thorough evaluation of your information and processes. The benefits of a great system and proper internal controls is invaluable to your company and CFOs are well versed in the latest systems and technology, as well as positioning the right people and procedures for making your business more efficient.

Financial Reporting

CFOs are experts at preparing and interpreting financial reports, and can use this information to drive growth, efficiency and deliver profitability. To enable you to make sound decisions, we provide timely and accurate financial statements

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Financial Analysis and Support

Beyond standard reporting, we can provide business modeling and financial analysis to help you achieve your goals by providing actionable, measurable data

Implementation Timetable

The CFO will play a pivotal role in determining the critical elements of the business plan and deciding what to prioritize and what to deescalate. CFOs are highly skilled at setting clear milestones, creating implementation timelines and aligning the team towards a common goal.

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Define Strategic Activities

Many times the CFO’s first step is to gather the senior team, get everything out on the table, identify every problem area and develop a clear roadmap for implementing the plan.

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow is the #1 reason businesses fail and CFOs know how to create a cash flow management strategy to meet your company’s liquidity requirements for growth and sustainability. CFOs are skilled at guiding small businesses through the maze of financing options for business loans, revenue based financing, equipment financing or factoring. CFOs ensure the best sources of funding and manage the lending relationships.

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Tax Planning & Legal Issues

There are limitless tax and legal challenges and CFOs know the benefits of ensuring your business is optimized for tax strategy and compliance and using the best legal advisors.

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