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Holly Curtis

Dream Manager

Dream Manager

Companies need a fresh approach to energize their employees, their profits, and their leadership. True success comes from trust, and trust starts at the leadership level. Employees who feel truly cared for and a part of something important feel a sense of loyalty and happiness that cannot be obtained through a mere pay raise or another meeting on boosting morale. 

We must start with you, the leaders and drivers of success in your business. Our process begins with meeting with you to establish what needs, goals, wins, losses, and frustrations you and the company are currently experiencing. Then, we make a plan.

The steps that follow will include hearing from your employees what THEY see as needs, personal and professional goals, wins, losses, and frustrations. From there, we begin to make a plan...with you, the leaders, of what to do next to begin to build trust and strength in your workers, which will then create strength in your company in ways you have yet to ever experience! We will work one on one each month with your employees to guide and direct them to achieve their goals for the company and personally. The appreciation this builds in an employee is priceless for years to come.

Company Culture Training

Culture training aids a company to successfully cast vision, set goals, elevate company values, and help individuals understand how their unique roles play into the company's mission-driven purpose.

A workplace culture workshop also establishes standards for the kinds of behaviors that are not productive at work.

If you're looking to hire the best people for your company (and keep them around for a long time), you must foster a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Even if you don't think there are any problems with your company's current culture, there's a good chance you and your team have room to learn and improve.

Grief Recovery

Grief is a natural and necessary process. No one needs to stay grieving or be held captive by not grieving the loss, change, or conflicting feelings that occur in life seasons and events. We give you the precise tools to quickly walk through the grieving process to get to the other side of grief. Learn how you can be ready for joy again and a new season. 

Life Recovery

Life from womb to present day presents challenges through changes expected and unexpected, losses big and small, and conflicted feelings concerning all that is happening. We walk with you through a detailed and clearly directed recovery process to enable you to heal, grow, and learn, thus allowing clarity for a new direction and specific tools needed to apply each day moving forward to create the most successful life possible.

Public Speaking & Publishing

New Day publishes works applicable to the recovery of grief and life to help guide individuals and groups through the tools needed to go beyond coping and finally find recovery. We also offer opportunities for hire to speak on these topics, as well as support publications, local authors and bloggers, and Life Coaches who align with the teachings of true recovery through brain science, psychology, and faith.

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