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CEO Talks with Paul Whitley

Tune to CEO Talks with Paul Whitley, featuring special guest author and speaker Paula Calise, as they delve into "The Art of Hello" and its impact on professional branding.

Register to join us via Zoom conference on May 14th for an engaging discussion on the power of first impressions and effective networking. Gain valuable insights from industry experts and elevate your professional presence. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your professional branding skills and expand your network along CEO Talks with Paul Whitley.

CEO Talks special guest Paula Calise

Paula Calise is the founder and principal of an executive recruiting firm called Linked Executive Search in Dallas. Author and speaker, she is known for her professional branding methodology called "The Art of Hello," which aims to help new and experienced professionals introduce themselves in a memorable way that grabs attention. Calise has spoken at various events, including the CSU Executive MBA Distinguished Speaker Series, where she shared insights on the importance of creating a distinct one-line introduction and the significance of a well-crafted professional brand promise. Her expertise in this area has made her a sought-after speaker and mentor for professionals aiming to enhance their personal branding and networking skills.

CEO TALKS with Paul Whitley
Join on Zoom CEO TALKS with Paul Whitley and guest Paula Calise

"Listening to the mass numebr of professional introductions that I have over more than 15 years as a recruiter drove me to look for a solution. I conducted research on professional introductions and surfaced only the worn out and old fashioned elevator speech o the 30 second Drill. Both similar techniques just don’t work to make a person memorable. So, I crafted The Art of Hello.  This has, by the hundreds of people that have reported back to me become the technique of choice that allows professionals to introduce themselves in such a way that they will be remembered in a noisy world."

It is a powerful way to frame your professional image and for others to recognize you and act as your advocate. Once scripted and perfected, your Art of Hello introduction is a durable asset. It is useful for emerging professionals, for senior leaders, for business owners, for those seeking positions on boards, and job seekers. A well-conceived Art of Hello introduction is the old-fashioned elevator pitch polished up to a professional level with a memorable impact. It differentiates you from others. So simple to recognize when done well, and so hard to make one your own. Paula provides the background, tips and rules and a three-step method that results in you having a professional brand introduction of your own to use, that day. It’s called The Art of Hello.

In this session, you will learn how to address obstacles in your career path.

Paula specializes in filling hard to fill positions, completing over 450 searches since founding Linked Executive Search. Paula is known for rapidly finding talent to fill key positions that fit the company, culture and team effortlessly – delivering quality candidates who can step in and immediately produce positive results. Across many professions and industries, Paula often fills jobs that have been open for 6 weeks to 6 months, with others having tried to fill these roles prior to Paula being invited to do so. Named as a 2017-2018 Best of the Best Recruiting Firms by Forbes.

As a hiring manager by profession, Paula fills jobs like her clients would themselves, if they had the time. With years of leadership in sales and marketing from Viscem, TXU Energy, LexisNexis and IBM, she brings a wealth of placement experience and knowledge to every client Linked Executive Search serves. Paula is a frequent speaker and instructor. Her two areas of concentration are career development/job search skills and personal branding. Among other venue and organizations where she speaks, she is an instructor in the Cox Business School's Business Leadership Center and the Executive MBA program, both at Sothern Methodist University, and the UTD EMBA program for mid-career professionals.

Paula earned an undergraduate degree in HR from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University of Houston. She is actively involved in community volunteerism and leadership. Paula serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board at the University of North Texas College of Business. She is a board member of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Retail Executive Association, co-founder of Dallas Executive Women’s Network Group, a founding member and Vice President of The Board Connection, and a former Assistant Vice President of Southwest Higher Education Authority.

Make sure you seize this chance to improve your professional branding skills and broaden your network. Secure your spot now for a session filled with enlightening and valuable insights. Click the the button below and register for the CEO Talks with Paul Withley this May, 14th at 10 am.

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