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Paul Whitley

President, CFO | COO | CRO

30+ Years of Experience
C: 214‐477‐6039



About C‐Suite Support Inc. and Paul Whitley


Paul helps businesses grow exponentially. He is a strategic Fractional CFO and Transformational Technology Leader with extensive experience in creative problem-solving, operations management, coaching, mentoring, and training. He’s a Servant Leader with a real passion for helping both large and small companies set up and implement financial, operational, and digital transformation initiatives that improve processes, reduce expenses, and drive bottom-line profits….


He is a driven strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit and has an established record of success in growing and sustaining shareholder value with both large ($5B) and small ($1.5M) companies.


His track record includes:


  • FINANCIAL PLANNING: Over 30 years experience as a CFO and Financial Advisor. Achieved growth in a retail and manufacturing furniture company of $6M to $181M, 4 to 71 locations with 1,200 employees through progressive responsibilities of CFO/COO/CMO/GM.


  • SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATIONS: Created and implemented innovative technical POS, ERP, and CRM systems to lead team collaboration in customer-centric service, call center, pricing, and problem resolution increasing in the first year, revenue from $32M to $50 Million and net profit from $770 Thousand to $4.7M.


  • SALES & EXPENSE CONTROL: Improved sales by 38% in a Consumer Services Company in the first year with the same level of inbound calls while reducing support payrolls by 22%, providing Shared Services with aggressive Lean Management initiatives supporting sales scripts.


  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Produced $2.4B in Funds Employed, averaging over $100M+ annually for 15 years in Asset Based, Real Estate, and Cash Flow loans. Achieved annual ROIs ranging from 22% to 30%.


►DEBT RESTRUCTURING / PROFIT IMPROVEMENT / TURNAROUND: Turned around $6M company into a multi-unit / multi-state retailer/manufacturing company, growing revenues to $181M and reducing costs leading to the first profit in 3 years.


►MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS: Led 29 successful M&A transactions totaling $377M value and Managed

$500+ million portfolio of company facilities. One personal effort, over 15 months, executed a strategy that gave the company’s CEO and the team extreme confidence, the efforts allowed the company to quadruple EBITDA and the multiples offered for the company.


►FINANCE & TREASURY: Raised $336M+ in public debt and equity offerings, private equity, bank debt, capital leases, term notes, asset-backed revolvers, letters of credit, etc.



    • Senior VP– $2 Billion Hedge Fund.

    • Business Development Manager/Officer – $7 to 17 Billion Commercial Lending Companies – producing $2.4 Billion in Funds Employed averaging over $100 Million+ annually.

    • CFO/COO/CMO & General Manager – $180 Million Public Company Retail and Manufacturing.

    • COO – $40 Million Public Company.

    • Corporate Accounting Manager – $5 Billion Public Company.


We have relationships developed over the last 20 years throughout North America in the event multiple members of a C-Suite are required to parachute in to assist in an engagement. We can draw on existing relationships, employees, and other members of C Suite Support to scale at a client’s request for their specific needs. Fractional CFO work is more than a part-time CFO. It is a true discipline to know how to coordinate fractional CFO engagements.




MBA – Capstone for certificate – Internet Technology – E-Commerce, University of Dallas, Dallas, Texas

BBA – Finance/Accounting, University of North TX, Denton, TX


Paul is active in the community serving as Membership Coordinator for Prestonwood Baptist Church. Paul and J have been married for 50 years. They have one son and two daughters, 8 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren and they have a Miniature Schnauzer, Mr. Roger Hobbs.


Interests: Avid musician/trumpet player (Symphony, Jazz, and Community Bands), Amateur photographer, and travel.

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