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Paul is, by far, the best partner I've ever worked with in my career…


Paul provides unparalleled service - When I first was introduced to Paul, we were at a crossroads, and a true “turn around” company. Unlike many other advisors from the leading global consultants and M&A firms, that “talk about” maximizing enterprise value, Paul created and executed a strategy that gave not only myself, but all the team extreme confidence and his efforts allowed us to quadruple EBITDA and the multiples offered for the company.


Paul helped not only with operational planning but with expansion into different markets and verticals and walked through all the complexities to manage the growth. He is a subject matter expert in finance, technology, sales, and marketing which is unheard of but what I had the great fortune to experience daily. In addition to forecasting and managing budgets for offsite manufacturing, he built a loyal and very well-trained management team inside our organization that was able to dive into and understand the details necessary to ensure we hit our top and bottom-line targets.


Regardless of how you prepare, the decision of selling your company is both complex and the most stressful. The emotions inherent in the constant diligence while trying to lead the company was trying. Paul played a critical role in keeping me grounded while ensuring that we were prepared to sell if desired or to achieve exponential growth.


I was truly blessed as Paul played and continues to play a pivotal role in my life. He is one of the most intelligent, ethical, and well-connected individuals I have ever met.

    CEO and Executive Chair, Victoria Lynden Alliance Strategies Inc., and Kohana Coffee LLC


I want to express my appreciation for Jayson Pott's excellent work in finding quality employees in approximately two months. Three prior recruiters could only muster a total of three interviews (with clearly non-qualified candidates) over the previous two years. Jayson's dedication to really understanding what our business needed made all the difference.


The formulation of a strategic recruiting plan, complete with a candidate comparison form, was the foundation for everything that followed - this approach ensured that every step of the recruiting process was thoughtfully planned and executed. I want to note that while hiring in all industries is currently very challenging, the tax planning industry is particularly difficult as it has seen a mass exodus of existing talent with a paltry number of professionals entering the field.


Jayson was my last chance. Had he not been able to find qualified employees, I would have been forced to dramatically downsize the firm's operations. It would have been a heartbreaking nightmare. I wholeheartedly recommend Jayson and C-Suite Support to any organization seeking to elevate their recruitment processes and achieve stronger outcomes.


In addition, in collaboration with C-Suite Support, Jayson has provided excellent insight and structural guidance for the implementation of long-desired changes at J. Marc Lewis & Associates.

    Marc Lewis, CEO

    J. Marc Lewis and Associates, LLC


FPG has worked with Paul Whitley and his C-Suite Support company since 2018. FPG is a company dedicated to creating high-performance, high-profit, and

“Best Place to Work” culture. With that effort, we require exceptional performance and found Paul to be a Servant Leader with a real passion for unleashing the company in all aspects of embracing that culture.


We found Paul to be a unique revenue driven CFO with exceptional operational skills. Not only did Paul provide the financial statements, insights, and modeling, he also spent the time necessary to understand each of our department’s unique business needs and communicate directly to the entire team. He works with all aspects of our business, allowing us to pivot where needed – sales and sales training support, banking relations, operational processes,

software integration improvements are resulting in operational cost savings, compensation plans, recruiting, insurance review, legal, and Customer Relationship Management processes.


If you are looking to globally leverage your company’s financial requirements, Capital Funding/Equity Raise, Key Performance Indicators, operations, and technology areas to provide the tools to grow your business, I could not recommend Paul and C-Suite Support more highly. 


    Jason Forrest CEO Forrest Performance Group


“Our company has worked with Paul Whitley and his C-Suite Support company since 2015. Paul has provided critical financial insights and played a very important role in helping us create several successful financial models upon which to scale the business. He’s also helped us build a strong set of projections models that we use to manage finance needs, reported to investors and financial partners, and assisted us in making informed decisions as to how to deploy capital. Paul also provided invaluable advice and financial guidance when we converted our business model and acquired a previous businesses asset as part of that conversion.


During the six years we’ve worked with Paul he has provided advice and financial insights into the following areas of our business:

  • Financial reporting and investor relations            

  • Management of 3rd party accounting and tax functions

  • CFO level cash flow planning                                               

  • 1, 3, and 5-year business projections

  • Debt Capital raise

  • Analysis and implementation of improvements

  • If you are looking to leverage the financial and accounting areas of your business and wanting to use better financial analysis to grow and improve your business, I could not recommend Paul and C-Suite support more highly.”


Tommy Glenn 

CEO Essential Lending Inc.


I’m delighted to express my utmost gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Jayson Potts from C-Suite support for Selery Fulfillment. Jayson’s unparalleled expertise and dedication have been instrumental in propelling our Company to new heights in financial management and accounting.

Jayson's contributions have been nothing short of remarkable. He adeptly transitioned our financial records from cash to accrual basis books, providing us with a more accurate and comprehensive view of our financial standing. Additionally, his implementation of the QuickBooks accounting system streamlined our processes and enhanced our overall efficiency.


One of Jayson's outstanding achievements was his meticulous valuation of three companies – Sovereign, Aligned, and Trekka – utilizing a DCF schedule. His insights were invaluable in making informed strategic decisions and evaluating potential opportunities. Jayson's proficiency was further evident in his execution of Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) for both Aligned and Trekka acquisitions, demonstrating a keen understanding of complex financial analysis.


His unwavering commitment extended beyond financial matters. Jayson played a pivotal role in sourcing a fractional HR resource, a crucial addition that significantly contributed to our operational success. Monthly financial analysis and the creation of a comprehensive reporting package became seamlessly managed tasks under Jayson's guidance, providing us with a clear and insightful overview of our financial performance.

Jayson's leadership in leading the audit efforts for the year 2022 showcased his organizational prowess and attention to detail. He also played a key role in assembling our quarterly financial package for the Board of Directors' presentation. In addition to his regular responsibilities, Jayson tackled a multitude of ad-hoc challenges with precision and resourcefulness. Notably, he successfully resolved a critical tax situation with the IRS, secured crucial online updates for franchise tax, and ensured the accurate recording of an expanded space and new lease agreement.

Jayson's proactive nature was evident in creating a comprehensive debt schedule, providing us with a clear roadmap for managing our financial obligations. Furthermore, his assistance in compiling financial data, addressing inquiries, and completing the intricate work required for our First United/MM Bank line of credit application was invaluable.

In every interaction, Jayson demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex financial landscapes while maintaining a strong focus on our company's success. His dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our financial well-being make him an invaluable asset to our team.

It is with the utmost confidence and appreciation that I wholeheartedly recommend Jayson Potts and Selery to any organization seeking unparalleled financial management and accounting expertise.

    Jason Taylor, CEO

    Selery Fulfillment, Inc.



Our company has worked with Paul Whitley and his C-Suite Support company since 2019. Paul has provided critical financial insights in our accounting department. We needed to upgrade our accounting staff, Paul sourced, interviewed, and presented a new team selection that has allowed us to have timely, accurate Financial reporting. He was able to identify system issues that corrected the processing of reports. 


In addition, he has played a very important role in helping us create several successful financial models upon which to scale the business to manage finance needs, reports to potential investors and financial partners. 


Paul also provided invaluable advice and financial guidance in obtaining our Payroll protection loan. As my businesses continue to grow, I know I can call upon Paul to assist in any financial capacity for presentations, documentation, and investor interactions.


    Robert M. McCarthy 

    CEO Cheyenne Construction 



During the COVID pandemic, I was unsure what to do when our national sports and special event business lost 93% of our revenue stream overnight. Through EO, Entrepreneurs Organization, I learned about the amazing job Paul has done for my fellow peers and immediately procured the services of Paul Whitely with C-Suite Support. Within 48 hours of meeting with Paul, he singlehandedly helped my company apply for the PPP Loan and SBA Disaster Relief Loan while providing invaluable strategic planning to help our business succeed during the economic crisis.


When I engaged Paul, I was elated with the results of the sweeping financial overview of our company and his recommendations, which saved our business over 30% on accounting costs. For companies looking for a man of integrity that will help you grow your business in a sustainable way for long-term success, Paul Whitley is the key executive, servant leader, and visionary that will help you take your company to the next level.


    Lisa Hall President Bene-Marc


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